Longmont Acupuncture

600 S Airport Rd Bldg A Ste G

Longmont, CO 80503


We are proud to announce that we have moved Longmont Acupuncture to the Circle of Health. www.longmontcircleofhealth.com

Circle of Health is one of the first fully integrated collaborative health clinics on the front range, specializing in bringing you a holistic team approach to maintaining a vibrant quality of life and providing you with the support you need to recover from injury, pain, or disease.

Circle of Health is first a community.  Our group of practitioners came together with one fundamental belief in common.  And that is that your health care is dependent on you.  We take the time to get to know who you are, what your needs are, and where you come from, because that determines what kind of care you need.  At Circle of Health your care and your treatment plan is as unique as you are.

Healing is a process.  And whether that is a short trip or a long journey, our health providers are trained to look at the big picture, recognize patterns, and teach you how to make changes in your life and habits that will make effective, lasting changes for you.  Whether that’s exercise, diet, meditation, emotional support, physical/manual therapy, or stress and pain management.

Classically trained, our acupuncturists are well versed in the five branches of Chinese medicine; acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork, diet recommendations, and health building practices.  We provide classes and lectures that support you on your road to health. And provide you with a thorough understanding of how YOUR body performs best.