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Acupuncture Treatment of Neck Pain

Neck pain is quite common. Two out of three people will experience neck pain at some point in their life. Neck pain can go from a mild annoyance to significantly impacting our quality of life. The neck plays a vital role in supporting our head. It has a large range of motion and therefore is more commonly injured than other parts of our spine.


Neck pain has a variety of causes. Just having your head and neck in an awkward position for an extended period of time can cause discomfort, stiffness and limited range of motion. It can also be caused buy a sudden force or change in direction such as a car accident or a sports injury. Neck pain can also be caused by stress causing tension in the shoulders, neck and head.


Some occupations and activities may cause neck pain.  For instance sitting at a computer with your head forward can cause excess strain on the neck. Repetitive motion such as having to turn to one side may also cause discomfort pain and restricted range of motion. Even inappropriate pillows and sleeping in awkward positions can cause neck pain.


Here are some things that may help you recover from neck pain:

  • Using heat on the area to increase circulation, loosen tight muscles, and enhance range of motion. Hot pack or a hot towel will work.

  • Explore your neck’s range of motion to maintain and increase mobility.

  • Be mindful of your sleeping position so that your neck remains in a neutral position.

  • Avoid activities that can cause neck pain like holding the phone on your shoulder or or working in an awkward position.


If your neck pain is accompanied by confusion, fever, or drowsiness you may need to consult your doctor. Also if your neck pain radiates into your arms and hands or you feel numbness and tingling it may be a sign of a disc injury and may need an x-ray or MRI to confirm.


Acupuncture Treats Neck Pain


Acupuncture is effective for many kinds of neck pain. People often seek acupuncture treatment after other treatment modalities have failed. No matter the cause, acupuncture helps turn down the pain, increase blood supply to the area, relax the muscles muscles, relieve stress, increase range of motion, and accelerate the recovery process. Make an appointment today!