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How has acupuncture helped you?

“Hi this message is for Suzan and Garth, this is Lauren P.  I have been seeing you guys for a while about my arms and wrists and stuff.  I just wanted to give you an update.  I am 20 pounds down now thank to Suzan.  You guys are so amazing.  I hope we can start coming back again soon.  But I just wanted to say thank you and you guys changed my life and I am grateful I met you.  So I will hopefully see you guys again soon.  Thank you for everything! Bye.”


I love coming to see you! My experience of the practitioners of Longmont Community Acupuncture has consistently been one of total care and dedication. As a patient, I am continually in awe of the level of knowledge, compassion, and commitment you devote to my personal well-being. Thank you for doing what you do, you help make my life better. MD, Female 32


I have been receiving wonderful treatment for age related health problems from Suzan, Garth and Cheri. I feel that Chinese medicine is the best that I have found to help with my health concerns and this clinic is exceptional. NK – female – 62.

Love this place.. I usually take a nap and feel very refreshed… am able to keep going, even to a 5:30 pm meeting an hour drive away. This is especially important because the meeting is on my chemo day and I get up at 4:15 because of an early breakfast meeting.. Something about acupuncture combined with a nap is truly a bit magical! JAJ-female-60yrs

You genuinely care about your patients, and it shows as you get results. I continue to be impressed. JK 63

I haven’t been in a while but have had such a good result that I will probably be back in the future. I have seen Suzan in the past and feel that her professionalism and knowledge are pretty incredible. She is very compassionate and I will definitely be returning as need be.  anonymous

“I now LOVE needles! No one who knows me would believe the prior statement. I was very apprehensive about trying acupuncture because of my fear of needles. Boy I am grateful I found your services! I still hate needles but you have made the experience very comfortable.

“Getting relief from my aching fingers and arm so I could sleep at night has been wonderful. Also, relieving my lower back pain, my neck pain, and my headaches has made life so much more comfortable for me. Additionally, releasing the excess fluid in my feet and ankles is a blessing for me. Draining my sinuses has been an unexpected added benefit. I hope I’ve remembered everything you have dealt with since I started coming to you for treatments.

“Your professionalism and gentle care is a welcome plus to all the services you offer. I know if I have an issue that you have an offering to help me with that issue. My body does not like it if I miss an appointment.

“Garth, you are the best and I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone wanting relief without using chemicals.” -K. F., 6/10

“..I have also tried the acupuncture with Suzan which is fantastic. She helped me get over a month of congestion and low energy. ” -B., 11/09

“Suzan is a very good acupuncturist and an excellent {Chinese medicine} doctor. she takes the time to listen to her patient, she also knows how to relate to children and how to make them feel comfortable even for their first acupuncture session ever. She is very respectful, caring and reliable. Suzan is very good at understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every body. She accurately pointed out to me the iron deficiency of my daughter. She is good at looking at all aspects of patient care (short term issues as well as long term deficiency, and physical and mental issues).

My son received treatment for anxiety and trouble sleeping. His sleep pattern improved dramatically. My daughter was helped for enuresis (bed wetting). I was greatly helped for carpal tunnel syndrome and neck pain (6 year old injuries). I recovered the strength and energy I had from before I had my children.” -E.K., 38 year old mother of two

“She’s marvelous!” R., 9 year old girl

“It doesn’t hurt at all when she puts the needles in, and I loved her massage.” A., 8 year old boy

“Most of my life I have suffered with intestine problems. In midlife, I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and placed on medication. This improved my life style but I still had attacks regularly and I had to have my meds with me always. As I “matured” I also had problems with my weight. No matter what method I used, I either couldn’t lose weight or I lost so slowly it was discouraging. A year ago, I had a consultation with Suzan Fleck Reynolds regarding these issues. She questioned me thoroughly on my life style, my diet, and my health/medical history. From all this information, she developed a lifetime diet of foods that my body was telling me I should have and those I should not, and how they should be prepared. I was suspect that I could do some of what she recommended but found out, shortly, how easy it was to do. I was AMAZED! My body responded almost immediately to the changes. I felt better, had more energy, and I began to sensibly lose weight. Not so much pounds as inches. My clothes were looking good on me again, and all those favorites in the back of the closet came out to be worn again.

On my second consultation, Suzan “tweeked” the diet and add some exercise suggestions. I wonder now when I look back why people accept that everyone’s body is the same in regards to what is “good food” for them. My custom lifestyle/diet plan Suzan designed to fit MY body and how it functions best. It just makes sense! I don’t need to carry my meds everywhere anymore and when I watch that I eat the foods my body likes and prepare it the way my body needs, life is unbelievably good! Yes, I cheat occasionally but I know what will happen, and it’s just not worth it… my body (and me) deserve better.

Thank you, Suzan, for your extensive knowledge and your genuine caring manner.” J.K., 65 years old